We are excited to find you here - your staff at Fenzi Dog sports Academy is working really hard to provide you with the best opportunities possible for an on-line Dog Sports education! Our goal is to provide a wide range of classes within a very simple website. Use the buttons below to explore what we offer!

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What's new

  • Ferretpalooza will be held 5/29/2015 through 6/1/2015 in Colmar PA. 
  • Last day of October term is November 11. August forums will be available until November 25.
  • Registration for December classes will begin on November 22. Take a look at the Course Schedule to see what's being offered. All classes are 24 hours a day and 7 days a week - there are no class "times". Not sure which class to take? See What classes are right for me?
  • Check out Denise Fenzi's free ebook: Understanding Behavior Chains
  • Have you seen Denise Fenzi's and Deb Jones's new book Dog Sport Skills 2: Motivation. Get your copy now!

Enrollment levels

We offer three enrollment levels for our courses. They differ in the amount of interaction with the course instructors and other students.  Note that in ALL levels, the students will see every video posted (by instructors and students), can read every lecture, assignment and student response, and can read all of the forum materials with questions and answers posted.  

Gold Level Access

Silver Level Access

Bronze Level Access

In addition to all lecture and video materials, gold level students will post responses to written assignments, upload video assigments for instructor review, and may post questions to the course forum.

This is an excellent choice for students who prefer a high level of interaction and direction from the instructor. 

$260 for 6 week class

In addition to all lecture and video materials, silver level students may post questions to the course forum, and receive feedback on questions asked in the forum.  You will not submit video or written homework for feedback.

This is an excellent choice for students who are comfortable applying training knowledge and who do not feel the need for instructor review of videos, or for students who do not have a video camera.

$130 for 6 week class

In addition to all lecture and video materials, bronze level students may read all questions and answers posted in the class forum.  You will not post questions or submit written or video assignments.  

This is an ideal choice for experienced trainers who can apply written and video instruction effectively and without personal feedback. 

$65 for 6 week class

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